Hello again…

After a long, unintended hiatus from being online, I’ve resurrected this website after being hacked, shutdown, backups lost (and of course life happening all along the way) and finally just wanting to make this into something more than it was before but no real time to do it.

While I probably won’t be posting much while I start a player group with my own kids — who are now teenagers! — and their friends, I will make sure there will always be a place to download fillable PDF character sheets. I’ve also started a simple WordPress plugin that I will debut here on Megaverse Online after beta testing on rifters.org (the parent site for Megaverse Online).

I’d also like to use this site as a place to get feedback on my new character sheet before I make it fillable and publish it out. I gave a lot of room for spells, psionics and other miscellaneous abilities that some people that was amazing and some thought was insane. I’d like to find a better middle ground this time around.

See you all around on the interwebs…

2 thoughts on “Hello again…”

  1. Hello. i’m new at all this but i’m hooked. My GM is using your Character sheets and i was hoping to get the Pdf to make things easier but the links don’t seem to be working. if you could advise me a bit i would appreciate anything.

    Thanks, Moe.


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